Through my 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, I see things that other financial advisors do not see. The financial services industry manufactures and distributes financial product. This has created a pervasive, self-serving bias that influences advisors. I see beyond all that to focus on your needs. As an educator, the truth about what produces results for clients is researched and more deeply understood. I synthesize all these insights, engineer and apply exquisite solutions by having perspective.



Clients' needs are not mostly about what can be measured by externals, like your money. Client needs have to do as much with internal issues like purpose, values, beliefs, dysfunctions, emotional and spiritual energy. I have a unique understanding of the Whole and am able to integrate external and internal issues into an integral Whole for results that matter most.



Only as few as 5% of personal financial advisers act as a Fiduciary for their clients all the time. The Fiduciary oath I have taken as a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, as a CFP(R) practitioner and as a Registered Investment Advisor means that I always work for the client instead as a broker, dealer or agent like the other 95% of advisors or so called advisors. I work for you and you only. Your interests are my primary interest.


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